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About Us

About Fintecs Our approach Our clients

ho are we?

We are a multi-skilled team with many years combined experience in business and IT from a background in financial services, and large international enterprises

Our policy is to provide the highest quality business solutions and software

Our promise is integrity, commitment and dedication to your business.

Our Services...

  • Business Maps Visualise your business! Fintecs will analyse all, or part, of your business and produce a large colour map tailored to your needs. Use business maps for increasing efficiency, induction, training, trouble-shooting, managing change.
  • IT Maps  Visualise not only hardware and networks but software. See how software interacts with your business. Identify bottlenecks and process problems. We can superimpose any number of views to provide real insight and added value

  • Software Development Fintecs
    develops visual software tools to aid business and IT management such as MiFIDMap Workbench and MiFIDMap Reader, our tools for compliance officers.

  • Consultancy Fintecs undertakes change management, systems and business process analysis, systems improvement and systems integration projects. Our top-down approach ensures you see the big picture.
  • Project Management  Built on years of experience in international finance, our combination of IT and business skills is suited to a wide range of project management tasks. We have direct experience of large change management projects.

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hat do we do?

Fintecs bridges the gap between Business and IT by creating visual maps of your business processes

We use our business analytical skills to facilitate knowledge transfer between business, IT people and your technology partners . . .

. . . to make a direct and positive contribution to your bottom line. 

our projects...

  • On behalf of one of Switzerland’s largest private Banks Fintecs managed the relocation of key IT systems between European capital cities while seamlessly maintaining 100% banking IT operations without interruption to the bank’s staff or customers, using Visual Maps  Read More Here >

  • For Oxford Entrepreneurs, the Oxford Society founded to encourage and support student entrepreneurship, Fintecs created a visual map of the the organisation to enable each generation of student management to hand over to the next, preserving the society in being through visual knowledge transfer.   Read More Here >

  • On behalf of a major International Bank, Fintecs developed new ways of communicating details of the Bank’s main trading platform to the IT operations staff to help them to understand the complexity of the system and be better able to run it.   Read More Here >

  • For the software development department of a major financial house, Fintecs devised a visual means of facilitating the knowledge transfer needed for a change of manager.  

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