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Banking IT Consultancy

Fintecs -- The Banking IT Consultants

At Fintecs we believe that providing real service is critical to Banking systems. Business success comes from focusing on service, generating processes to support that service, using technology to enable service and empowering people to deliver the service.

People, process and technology are essential ingredients for the service-oriented organisation. We recognise that the key factor in enabling and driving forward service through technology is people. Fintecs is a people oriented consultancy.

At the heart of working with people is communication. The reason why many technology projects fail is poor communication. Our unique approach promotes communication in two ways:

  • We work top-down.
  • We use state of the art visualisation techniques to communicate via pictures.

Working top-down involves analysing a project from the top. Once the project scope is defined, our consultants look at the issues from a high-level first. We then dive into successive levels of detail. The advantage of this approach is that it is holistic. Nothing gets missed out or forgotten. All relevant factors are taken into account.

Coupled with this we promote communication using schematics. Fintecs specialises in describing complex and abstract situations using state of the art schematics. We provide rapid and ongoing feedback to all stakeholders visually. Often we include all relevant information on a single surface. This promotes knowledge transfer between stakeholders and from Fintecs to stakeholders. Such a process provides rapid and ongoing ROI. It also ensures buy-in from stakeholders.

Examples of our consultancy projects include:

  • Project management and implementation of an interface between a trading system and portfolio management system for a bank based in Amsterdam.
  • Project management of the move of systems, including hardware, software and data between European centres for an institutional fund manager.
  • Complete systems visualisation for an institutional fund manager.
  • Trading systems visualisation for a Swiss bank.
  • Functional documentation of the universe of a mission critical software development team encapsulated in a visual map, together with the production of a series of short documents.
  • Change management within a mission-critical team using Visual Documentation.
  • Analysis and mapping of information flows between different offices of a multi-national to help with decisions on adding extra functions and capacity to the client’s network.
  • For a software development team, analysis and mapping the data structures associated with processing banking transactions.
  • Extensive functional documentation of a bespoke transaction processing and accounting application in a banking environment.

Can Fintecs help your Bank?

If you have a project that requires additional manpower resources to help manage a project then Fintecs can help. We recognise that projects are time critical and precision essential. We pride ourselves in delivering a quality service and with all the benefits of using a consultancy that understands the banking ethos.

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