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Case Studies

On behalf of one of Switzerland’s largest private Banks Fintecs managed the relocation of key IT systems between European capital cities while seamlessly maintaining 100% banking IT operations without interruption to the bank’s staff or customers. Fintecs employed its Visual Mapping technique to provide maps showing every element of the system and how they interact.  Read More Here >
For Oxford Entrepreneurs, the Oxford Society founded to encourage and support student entrepreneurship, Fintecs created a visual map of the processes involved in the organisation to enable each generation of student management to hand over to the next, preserving the society in being through visual knowledge transfer. The map has become a key management tool for the society.  Read More >
On behalf of a major International Bank, Fintecs developed new ways of communicating details of the Bank’s main trading platform to the IT operations staff to help them to understand the complexity of the system and be better able to run it. The Fintecs solution employed the Visual Documentation techniques  specifically to facilitate knowledge transfer.   Read More Here >

For the software development department of a major Financial House, Fintecs devised a visual means of facilitating the knowledge transfer needed for a change of manager.  Read More Here > 
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