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                                                     Free DNA Test for Banks and Financial Institutions to 
                                                                 re-discover their hidden IT assets

London, 1 March 2006.  Fintecs, the leading Banking IT consultancy, is offering a free documentation audit tool to banks and financial institutions wishing to determine how effectively their IT documentation meets their business needs. The Documentation Needs Analysis (DNA) test was developed by Fintecs in conjunction with a leading international bank specifically to improve documentation – often a neglected area in banking and financial systems.

Fintecs managing director, Tony Gratton, says, ‘Our visual approach to documentation has been designed to enables banks and financial institutions to rediscover the value of their hardware and software assets, to transfer vital knowledge among staff more easily, and match IT systems more closely to the needs of banking. We developed the DNA test in partnership with a major international bank so that organisations can score their documentation easily but to a meaningfully high standard.’

‘The priceless advantage of the visual documentation approach,’ says Gratton, ‘is that it gives organisations the bigger picture of how their business processes interact with their people – and where their IT investments are being under-used – so they can plan future systems with confidence.’

‘Words are important as a source of reference’, says Gratton, ‘but for ease of understanding and a global grasp on complex banking IT systems, nothing equals a picture. The visual documentation techniques developed by Fintecs solve the problems associated with traditional IT documents. The bank’s global view is always maintained, ensuring that the context of all business processes is clearly displayed.

Users are not required to remember details – the details are continually available. Switching between levels of complexity is easy, whether on paper or on screen. Layers are easily linked -- just like web pages. And visuals are easily emailed.’

Banks and other financial institutions can take the Fintecs DNA test, Free of charge and without obligation, simply by emailing info@fintecs.com with ‘DNA’ in the subject line, or calling 01395 260260.

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