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Fintecs forms strategic partnership with SAMpartners

    • First Channel partner announced
    • Process visualisation gives SAMpartners competitive edge

London, 23 May 2006. Fintecs, the pioneers of visual mapping of financial IT systems and processes, and SAMpartners, a leading software asset management consultancy, have signed a strategic partnership agreement to provide Visual Asset Maps. 

Under the agreement, Fintecs and SAMpartners will work together to provide visual documentation of software asset management projects for a wide range of clients in the UK.

Says Fintecs chief executive Tony Gratton, ‘The techniques we have developed for the visual mapping of complex IT processes are a perfect fit with the compliance consultancy projects that SAMpartners carry out on behalf of large UK corporations in software asset management. Although developed originally for the complex IT systems found in financial institutions, our visual mapping techniques are finding application in many other industries and types of business. ’

SAMpartners chief executive Tony Fisher says, ‘It’s not often that old IT hands like me get excited about software but the visual mapping approach that Fintecs has developed is truly original. Typically, the results of any IT project are documented and presented to the client in a primarily text-based form. Fintecs has developed a novel way to show the same information in a way that is truly informative. It is quite astounding how vast amounts of data can be presented in an simple, easy-to-absorb form – it’s something you have to see to fully appreciate.’

‘Now we can offer our clients the option of having their systems documented in a way that is genuinely useful to them as a management tool. We are already talking with a number of major clients about using visual documentation and they are also excited by the possibilities. I have no doubt that visual mapping is going to be the IT documentation technology of the future.’

Fintecs Tony Gratton says, ‘Our alliance with SAMpartners is the first of what we believe will be many such co-operative ventures. After the key field of software asset management, there are many more important areas of IT in which visual documentation can make an innovative contribution and we expect to announce further alliance with channel partners in the near future.’

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About Fintecs

Founded in 2001, Fintecs is a Banking IT consultancy that combines in-depth expertise in Banking and the Financial industry with a unique approach to the visual documentation of systems, business processes and people.  The Fintecs visual approach to IT documentation has been developed to help financial institutions of all kinds to rediscover the value of their hardware and software assets and to:-

· Transfer vital knowledge among staff
· Match IT systems more closely to the needs of the business
· Understand fully how business processes interact
· Plan future systems with confidence

Fintecs draws on a wealth of experience with all kinds of financial institutions from private banking to trust administration including specialities such as asset management for private and institutional clients. Fintecs has carried out consultancy projects in countries throughout Europe. Staff are English-French bilingual and have extensive experience of the Swiss banking system.

Fintecs consultancy work has included business process analysis from front-office to back, data flows, databases and a wide range of software applications, with extensive experience of Project Management, Project Implementation, Systems Integration, and Systems Replacement.

About SAMpartners

The SAMpartners team of independent consultants has assisted hundreds of companies of all sizes to cope with the complexities of software licensing and the implementation of Software Asset Management. SAMpartners deliver software asset management services that include management of deployed software and licences, minimising legal risk and financial exposure, and maximising return on investment in software assets.

SAMpartners is a leading UK consultants in the principles of ITIL -- the IT Infrastructure Library. ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. ITIL provides a cohesive set of best practice, drawn from the public and private sectors internationally. It is supported by a comprehensive qualifications scheme, accredited training organisations, and implementation and assessment tools.

SAMpartners has also played an active role in the drafting of the forthcoming ISO 19770-1 Standard on Software Asset Management that is to be published in 2006.

More information can be found at http://www.sampartners.com/

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