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London, 24 May 2006  --  Fintecs, the pioneers of visual mapping of financial IT systems, has launched ‘The Fintecs Guide to Financial Instruments’ – a document that explains in visual terms the financial characteristics of the most commonly traded financial instruments. The Guide can be viewed on the Fintecs website at www.fintecs.com/the-big-picture.htm and the full version is available Free to everyone who registers on the site.

Says Fintecs chief executive Tony Gratton, ‘Our new Guide has been developed to help all those in the financial services industry, and the Media, who need to have a handy source of reference to the most commonly traded instruments – everything from shares to derivatives. But it also very neatly illustrates the advantages of the visual mapping techniques that we have developed over the past five years to document some of the world’s most complex financial IT systems.’

Mapping techniques developed by Fintecs have enabled financial and other organisations to document their structure and business processes, to manage rapid organisational change, to transfer knowledge between staff, and to better understand how their business processes and staff interact.

Says Tony Gratton, ‘Our experience with one of Europe’s leading banks has shown us that visual mapping of processes is the key to unlocking the true potential of IT systems in so many ways. Security is all about understanding the big picture - visual documentation provides this. Compliance is increasingly about getting the big picture - visual documentation provides this too. Operating a modern trading platform requires a complete grasp of the big picture – once again, visual documentation provides it. We have only just scratched the surface in terms of the contribution of visual mapping to financial services IT. The next big step in visual documentation will be the ability to link process to back-end data, and that’s what we are working on right now.’

‘The bottom line is that data without comprehension is just so much garbage and visual mapping delivers this comprehension quickly and efficiently.’

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Notes to editors:

1. The Fintecs Guide to Financial Instruments is available in hard copy and, shortly, in electronic form.

2. Copies of The Fintecs Guide to Financial Instruments are available from:- info@fintecs.com.

About Fintecs
Founded in 2001, Fintecs is a Banking IT consultancy that combines in-depth expertise in Banking and the Financial industry with a unique approach to the visual documentation of systems, business processes and people.

The Fintecs visual approach to IT documentation has been developed to help financial institutions of all kinds to rediscover the value of their hardware and software assets and to:-

· Transfer vital knowledge among staff
· Match IT systems more closely to the needs of business
· Understand fully how business processes interact
· Plan future systems with confidence

Fintecs draws on a wealth of experience with all kinds of financial institutions from private banking to trust administration including specialities such as asset management for private and institutional clients. Fintecs has carried out consultancy projects in countries throughout Europe. Staff are English-French bilingual and have extensive experience of the Swiss banking system.

Fintecs consultancy work has included business process analysis from front-office to back, data flows, databases and a wide range of software applications, with extensive experience of Project Management, Project Implementation, Systems Integration, and Systems Replacement.

Further information in at the Fintecs website www.fintecs.com or contact:

Tony Gratton, MD, Fintecs
Tel: +44 1395 260260
Email: tony.gratton@fintecs.com
Web: www.fintecs.com


Jacqui Green, JGMpr
Tel: +44 20 8464 6462
Mob: +44 7885 270349
Email: jacqui@jgmpr.com
Web: www.jgmpr.co.uk

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